Liang wang (liangw)

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Liang wang (liangw)

Liang Wang born is an American oboist. He was the principal oboist of the New York Philharmonic from until his dismissal in He started playing the oboe when he was seven-years-old. He was also invited by President Xi to perform in Paris to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of French-Chinese diplomatic relations.

liang wang (liangw)

Upon graduation from Curtis inhe was offered a position as principal oboe of the Richmond Symphony Orchestrabut turned it down in favor of the same position with the orchestra of the San Francisco Ballet. Shortly after that, he was appointed to the Associate Principal oboe chair of the San Francisco Symphony. Two weeks later he won an audition for principal oboe in the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. While in that position, he was a finalist in auditions for principal oboe in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Cleveland Orchestra.

He won an audition for the Grant Park Symphony Orchestraalso was offered a one-year principal position at the Houston Grand Opera, but turned both down after winning an audition for principal oboe in the Santa Fe Opera. He has twice received the Los Angeles Philharmonic Fellowship. In this same week that he won this audition, he won an audition for principal oboe in the orchestra of the Metropolitan Operabut turned down this position in favor of the Philharmonic. He is a faculty member on leave at Manhattan School of Music [4].

He was named the honorary professor in at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. InLiang Wang became a member of the Poulenc Trio [5] [6] [7]. On Sep 16,it was reported that the New York Philharmonic had decided to fire Liang Wang for "unspecified misconduct" [8]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Liang Wang. New York Philharmonic. Loree — Paris. Archived from the original on Retrieved Idyllwild Arts Academy - Where are they now?This word inclusively means "demons; monsters; specters; goblins; ghosts; devils" in Modern Standard Chinesebut wangliang originally meant a specific demon.

Since commentators differentiate between chimei "demons of the mountains and forests" and wangliang "demons of the rivers and marshes", chimeiwangliang can mean either "demons; monsters; evil spirits" generally or "mountain demons and water demons" separately. For example, James Legge 's Zuozhuan translation syllabically splits chimeiwangliang into four types of demons, "the injurious things, and the hill-sprites, monstrous things, and water-sprites".

A simple explanation for these phonological data and revolving identifications of demon names is that they were dialectic variations or corruptions of each other de Groot 5: William G. Wangliang first appears in the Chinese classics from around the 4th-century BCE and was used in a variety of sometimes contradictory meanings. While the dates of some early texts are uncertain, the following examples are roughly arranged chronologically.

He had [Zhong Ni] Confucius interrogated about it, in these words: "I dug a well, and got a dog; tell me what this is. The late 4th century BCE Zuozhuan commentary to the c. This context describes how Yu the Greatlegendary founder of the Xia Dynastyordered that the Nine Tripod Cauldrons be cast in order to acquaint people with all the dangerous demons and monsters found in China's Nine Provinces.

Every kind of strange creature was completely depicted in order that the common people would know the gods and the demons. Thus, when people went to the rivers, lakes, mountains, and forests, they did not encounter these adverse beings nor did the Chimei-Hobgoblins in the hills and the Wangliang-Goblins in the waters accost them. As a result, harmony was maintained between those above and those dwelling on Earth below while everywhere, the people received the protection of Heaven.

Strassberg 4. The context describes a river drowning suicide. My fainting soul shrank back, oppressed; And as I lay, mouth full of water, deep below the surface, The light of the sun seemed dim and very far above me. Hawkes The c. Penumbra inquired of Shadow, saying, "One moment you move and the next moment you stand still; one moment you're seated and the next moment you get up. Why are you so lacking in constancy?

liang wang (liangw)

If so, must what I depend upon in turn depend upon something else to be what it is? Must I depend upon the scales of a snake's belly or the forewings of a cicada?

How can I tell why I am what I am? How can I tell why I 'm not what I'm not? Mair 24; cf. Wangxiang names a water demon Nonimagoes. When Duke Huan of Qi r. Mair The Yellow Emperor was wandering north of Redwater when he ascended the heights of K'unlun and gazed toward the south.

As he was returning home, he lost his pearl of mystery. This allegory about the Yellow Emperor is part of the "knowledge story cycle" through which Zhuangzi illustrates the Daoist anti-epistemology of not knowing Carr At royal funerals he walks ahead of the coffin and, arriving at the grave, he leaps into the pit to beat the four corners with his lance, in order to drive away the fang-liang spectres.

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Dr. Guo-Liang Wang

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The Philharmonic dismissed the players — its principal oboist, Liang Wang, and associate principal trumpet, Matthew Muckey — in September The case was heard by an independent arbitrator, who found that the players had been terminated without just cause and should be reinstated.

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The case was an example of how organized labor can struggle with sometimes conflicting interests as it grapples with a sharp uptick in misconduct cases in recent years. After New York City Ballet fired the star dancer Amar Ramasar in for sharing vulgar texts and sexually explicit photos of a dancer with a colleague, he won his job back through arbitration with the help of his union, to the dismay of some women in the company.

That includes those who report harassment in the workplace as well as those who have been subject to potentially unjust termination. No details of the allegations against Mr.

Wang and Mr. Muckey have been provided. Jones, an attorney at Bracewell and a former federal judge, to investigate. Following the investigation, the orchestra terminated the players. Alan S. Lewis, an attorney representing Mr. Steven J. Hyman, a lawyer for Mr.

Muckey, said that Mr. Wang joined the Philharmonic in as its principal oboist, a key position from which he provides the A pitch the orchestra tunes to, serves as de facto leader of the woodwinds and has frequent solos. Muckey also joined the orchestra in It is unclear when the reinstated musicians will get to play with the Philharmonic again. The orchestra has canceled the remainder of its season because of the coronavirus pandemic.

And while not yet canceled, its summer events — including outdoor concerts in city parks, scheduled for June; a planned tour of China in early July; and performances at the Bravo!

Vail Music Festival in Colorado, scheduled for late July — may well not go forward, either. Home Page World U.Anastasia Tsioulcas. The New York Philharmonic announced Sunday that it has taken action against two prominent musicians over unspecified "misconduct": the orchestra's principal oboist, Liang Wang, and its associate principal trumpeter, Matthew Muckey. The orchestra said the decision came after a five-month internal investigation, led by a former federal judge.

Both musicians dispute the Philharmonic's findings, and while the musicians' union reviews the orchestra's decision, the two have been placed on unpaid leave.

Poulenc Sonata, Liang Wang

The New York Philharmonic released no details about the nature of the alleged misconduct. The Philharmonic's decision was first reported by the New York Times. The Philharmonic retained former federal judge Barbara Jones of the Bracewell law firm to investigate the matter.

Following the investigation, the Philharmonic advised the musicians that their employment was terminated. At the request of their union, the Philharmonic delayed the implementation of the termination and placed the musicians on an unpaid leave of absence pending the union's review of the matter. Within an orchestra, the principal oboe holds a particular leadership role: that instrumentalist gives the "A" pitch that everyone else in the orchestra uses to tune, is considered the leader of the woodwind section, and often plays solos.

Wang's official New York Philharmonic biography notes that he has performed as a concerto soloist with the orchestra nearly two dozen times. He joined the New York Philharmonic in September as principal oboist after brief stints as the principal oboist of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the Santa Fe Opera and the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra, among other positions at prominent American orchestras.

Wang is also listed as a faculty member at both the college and pre-college divisions of the Manhattan School of Musica well-known New York conservatory, and at New York University. Alan S. Lewis, an attorney who is representing the oboist, told NPR: "Mr. Wang is extremely disappointed in the Philharmonic's decision and emphatically denies that he engaged in any misconduct. Muckey joined the New York Philharmonic in June after graduating from Northwestern University in Chicago with a bachelor's degree in music.

Among his credits are two appearances on the NPR-distributed radio program From the Top : once as an emerging, year-old musician inand again eight years laterafter he joined the New York Philharmonic.

Muckey has not engaged in any misconduct and there is no legitimate basis to terminate him. He intends to take all steps necessary to restore his good name and his status as associate principal trumpet with the New York Philharmonic.

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He looks forward to the union's review of the matter and its pursuit of his rights under the collective bargaining agreement. The players' union, Local of the American Federation of Musicians, did not respond to NPR's request for comment on Monday, but in a statement to the New York Times said that it was "aware of and currently looking into this matter.

The New York Philharmonic is not the only major American orchestra to be roiling this weekend over misconduct allegations. On Saturday afternoon, the Cleveland Orchestra announced in a statement that it has suspended its principal trombonist, Massimo La Rosa, "as part of an ongoing independent investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct.

The Cleveland investigation follows allegations published in the Washington Post in late July against the Cleveland Orchestra's concertmaster, William Preucil. Preucil remains suspended from the Cleveland Orchestra, though he resigned from his teaching position at the CIM within days of the Post report. InInside Higher Ed reported that La Rosa had been the subject of a complaint in from a female student at the University of Iowa, where he had been teaching as a guest artist; she alleged that La Rosa fondled and kissed her during a lesson.

The woman, who was not named by Inside Higher Ed, filed a report with university police, but declined to file criminal charges. Conant is profiled in Malcolm Gladwell's best-selling book Blinkin which he documented her years-long battle against Germany's Munich Philharmonic, which had discriminated against her as a female musician.

Within his suit, La Rosa accused Allen and Conant of defamation, saying that they had falsely wrote online that he "had committed and was criminally culpable for multiple sexual assaults on numerous college campuses [where La Rosa] had been invited to serve as a guest instructor. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. NPR Shop. Music News. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. September 17, PM ET. Enlarge this image.

Liang Wang

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liang wang (liangw)

Guo-Liang Wang. Molecular Genetics, Host Resistance. View Publications under the "Works" tab. Cell Host Microbe.

Philharmonic Players, Fired on Misconduct Grounds, Are Reinstated

Durable resistance to rice blast. Current Biology. PLOS Pathogens12 3 : e PLOS Pathogens 11 2 :e Liu, W. Liu, J. Triplett, L Leach, J. Novel insights into the rice innate immunity against bacterial and fungal pathogens. Annual Review of Phytopathology Park, C. Plant Cell— Ding, B.


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