Mario bros 3 secrets

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Mario bros 3 secrets

During the opening sequence, wait until Mario and Luigi begin running around on the screen. Then, press random buttons on the controller before selecting the number of players and pressing start. The game will start in a random world.

Complete the game, then press Start at the ending screen. You will then have 28 P-Wings when the next game is started.

You can collect warp whistles in hidden locations that you can then use on the map screen to warp to a different World. Here are the hidden locations:. To warp directly to World 8, collect 2 warp whistles and have these in your posession at the same time.

Super Mario Bros. 3 World 6 All Coins/Enemies/1ups/Secrets

Use the first one, which will take you to a Warp Zone. While you're in the Warp Zone, use the second whistle, which will take you to another Warp Zone that allows you to enter World 8. A Treasure Ship will appear on the map screen if you do the following: On any regualr stage in Worlds 1, 3, 5 or 6, collect a number of coins that is a multiple of 11 11, 22, 33, 44, etc. Finally, at the end of the level when you hit the card block, make sure the last digit of the timer is an even one.

If all of these conditions are complied with, a ship will appear on the map that will have lots of money inside. On certain stages you can make secret White Mushroom Houses appear by collecting a certain amount of coins. Here is a list of the stages this will work in and the amount of coins needed to make the White Mushroom House appear to collect the indicated prize:.

This cheat requires the Pro Action Replay cheat device. This cheat requires the Game Genie cheat device. To continue playing, use two controllers and start the game in two player mode. After Mario loses all of his lives, the game can be continued as Luigi using the second controller. After scoring 80 points, a card game will appear on the board. You get two chances to match up the symbols. After you miss twice, you will have to wait until you score another 80 points to try again.

There are eight patterns, as follows:. Usually after the Boss fires magic from the magic wandyou then can jump on his head. Repeat this process until the boss is defeated. Wear a Hammer Suit and do not get hit throughout his level. With the Hammer Suit, hit Bowser four times. When you hit him, a buzzer like sound will be heard. In Bowser's Castle, there is an extra life located at the top of the right side of the brick staircase. It is an invisible box. If you get this life every time you try to defeat him, the game will never end as you will continue replenishing the life you lose if you cannot defeat Bowser.

Get every coin on World 1, Level 4, including the ones in the boxes. Finish the level to find a black and white mushroom that moves back and forth.

Go to the mushroom to get a P-Wing. On the level just before the final castle and a lock, make sure you have the leaf. There will be moving platforms with cannons on them. Run back and forth in front of the first platform to gain speed until you can fly. Fly above everything and land on the topmost level. When you can see the next platform, run, jump, then fly until you land on it.This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Super Mario Bros.

If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please click EDIT and add it. In Worlds 1, 3, 5, and 6, you can turn the wandering Hammer Bros. To do so, you must complete a stage while the following is true:.

mario bros 3 secrets

If all of the above is true as you collect the card and complete a stage, a Hammer Bros. You can collect a bunch of coins, and will face an enemy at the end. You can make secret white mushroom houses appear in each of the first 7 worlds by collecting the required number of coins in the corresponding stage, as indicated below. Your reward in odd-numbered stages will be a P-wing, while your reward in the even-numbered stages is an Anchor item. You will typically have to work really hard to collect every last coin required in the stages, as some may disappear if you don't make the best possible use of a P switch.

At the end of level before you go to the black screen you'll find a bunch of blocks in the air. Find the white one and hold DOWN. When you fall through, run to the end and press UP. If you do this correctly you will be in a secret room.

Open the chest to get a whistle with special powers! In the miniature castle of world 1 get the P-Wing and keep flying. At the top you should go over a wall and stop moving. Press UP to reveal another whistle! You can also get this whistle by using a racoon suit.

First take out the bone turtle, then go to the far right, start to speed up using the b button. When you reach the left end your flying power should be full start flying upward until you enter the secret room containing the whistle.

The 3rd Secret Whistle is in World 2. Beat a Wandering Hammer Brother and you'll get a music box or a hammer. Use the hammer in the Top right area in the Desert not the level by the Pyramid it is all the way North of it. Use the hammer there. Here's the most seamless way to get from the first world to the eighth final world of the game. Play until you get to Level Here, you should dash to the end of the level until you get to a white platform near the end. Stand atop it, hold down until you "fall behind it", and run to the end of the level.

You'll acquire a Warp Whistle. Play from there until you reach the World One Fortress.

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Make sure you're Raccoon Mario as you traverse the stage ignoring the Fire Flower you are offered. At the end, you can go through a door, or you can fly high above and over the door. When you do, run to the right you won't see your character and press Up to enter a secret room. Within is another Warp Whistle. Now, select one of the Warp Whistles from your menu and use it.

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But don't select a destination world!Super Mario Bros. The treasure ship can be unlocked on worlds 1, 3, 5 and 6 i. If these requirements are fulfilled at the end of the level, one of the Hammer Bros. The following table will present all eight of the possible N-Spade mini game solutions. When a new N-Spade game has begun, one of these eight pre-configured solutions will be chosen at random. Once you can determine which pattern has been chosen, you can reference this chart to uncover all of the items.

Super Mario Bros. 3

To determine which solution to follow, try turning over the first leftmost card in the middle and bottom rows. Of the eight possibilities, only two solutions have the same contents for these cards; a 10 coin card and a star. If you don't find the 10 coin card and a star, you will know exactly which solution to follow.

If you do find them, turn over the third card from the left on the bottom. If you find another star, uncover the first one that you found in the corner. If you find a 20 coin card instead, it's match is immediately to the left.

Note that the last rightmost three cards in the bottom row are always the same for every pattern. Beat the boss of any world with either the Frog, Tanooki or Hammer Suit. The king will then say a different message. Find a map with one or more of Toad's mushroom treasure houses Worldsopen a chest to get items. Die 5 times or try a hard level 5 times to get Game Over. After a game over, go to Toad's treasure house again and pick up items.

You will keep all items even after a game over, so this is a great way to stockpile items. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki. Getting Started. World 1. Super Mario Advance 4. Version differences e-Reader cards. World e. Hidden category: Sub-pages.

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This page was last edited on 13 Novemberat This page has been accessedtimes. Navigation menu. Table of Contents Super Mario Bros.White Mushroom Houses These little secrets can be found once per world, and they offer a fabulous prize of a P-Wing or an Anchor. The following will list the requirements for getting the White Mushroom House in each World. The Coins stat is the minimal required amount to get the White Mushroom House to appear. To gain access to it's hiding place Mario must go towards the end of the level to the point just short of a Para-Goomba that drops Micro-Goombas.

Now Mario has the ability to walk behind the scenery including other blocks and bushesso run to the right at top speed to get behind the black at the end of the level this will be the same area as the Card Box. Keep running right to enter into a hidden Mushroom House to gain access to the Whistle from a giant Treasure Box! Keep in mind that if you are jumping around behind the black scenery, you may jump the entrance to the Mushroom House, so just run along the ground.

Head right from the start, dodging through the obstacles of the Fortress until Mario arrives at an area with a Power-Up, a Dry Bones, and a door.

Stomp the Dry Bones as Mario collects the Power-Up it needs to be a Leaf to make next part of retrieval possibleand then run right to go past the door to the wall. Quickly run back to the left to build up the Speed Meter so Mario can fly, and then take flight straight up off the screen where you should hold RIGHT so Mario will fly over the wall to the right.

Then Mario should run right until he can move no further before pressing UP to go through the door located there.

Super Mario Bros. 3/Secrets

Mario will fall into a closed room where a small Treasure Chest sits, holding the second Warp Whistle! Then Mario should move across the map until he arrives at the top right screen. However, this time it is not a Boomerang Brother like the other two in this level, but rather a pair of Fiery Brothers!

Defeat this pair of fire-intensive enemies to get a Treasure Chest containing the third and final Warp Whistle! He must stomp on an enemy, bounce into the air, and then slowly descend to the ground to bounce up again. The slow descent allows for more enemies to appear so Mario can bounce in the air forever theoretically. The ninth enemy killed without touching the ground will begin the 1-Up collecting. This trick works on World 1 -2 where the elevated pipe produces continual Goombas for Mario to use the above strategy on.

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A slightly changed variation of this trick can be performed in the World Two Fortress right near the start. Draw the first three Dry Bones together, and stomp on them one-by-one using the slow descent of the Raccoon Tail.This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Super Mario Bros. If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please click EDIT and add it.

In Worlds 1, 3, 5, and 6, you can turn the wandering Hammer Bros. To do so, you must complete a stage while the following is true:. If all of the above is true as you collect the card and complete a stage, a Hammer Bros. You can collect a bunch of coins, and will face an enemy at the end. You can make secret white mushroom houses appear in each of the first 7 worlds by collecting the required number of coins in the corresponding stage, as indicated below.

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Your reward in odd-numbered stages will be a P-wing, while your reward in the even-numbered stages is an Anchor item. You will typically have to work really hard to collect every last coin required in the stages, as some may disappear if you don't make the best possible use of a P switch.

This trick works a lot like the one you might remember from world 1 Play through worlduntil you reach the point where you find three large Koopa turtles in close proximity one is on a block, one is on a cloud, and the other is patrolling on some bricks.

Stomp on one and rebound into the air, then flap your tail quickly to slowly float and land on the next one. Repeat that as you head for the third turtle and do the same thing. By then, the first turtle you stomped should be close to emerging from its shell. You can stomp it again and repeat the pattern. As you do so, you'll gain more points and eventually start collecting extra lives. Naturally, this trick only works if you are Raccoon Mario or Tanooki Mario.

Collect 78 coins while completing world and a white mushroom house will appear on the world map. The chest holds an anchor. While playing through the level, remember that you need to be Fire Mario near the end, in order to unfreeze coins that are trapped in blocks near the pipe that leads to the area exit.

Beat an airship battle at the end of a world while wearing a tanooki, frog, or hammer suit and the grateful king will say something different than usual to Mario.

Beat the game. Afterwards, play again without turning the system off. You should have 28 P-wings. Go to the first of the T-shaped pipes in World Make sure that you have the raccoon suit, so you can flap your tail to slowly descend after a leap.It may have been a while since you last explored the Mushroom Kingdom in this Nintendo classic, but for those who grew up with the game, Super Mario Bros. The fourth main installment of the Super Mario Bros.

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But exploring all the hidden areas and secrets that Super Mario Bros. If you've only played SMB3 in passing, there are no doubt some areas that you may have skipped.

Even those who have beaten the game a dozen times before might be surprised to find that there are still a few secrets hiding in the game.

mario bros 3 secrets

Because while discovering some of these areas is as simple as going through the right pipe, others require a bit more creativity if you want to experience them. Toad Houses made their debut in Super Mario Bros. However, there are seven secret White Mushroom Houses that can be unlocked throughout the gameplay.

This is accomplished by gathering a certain amount of coins in various levels, which will cause a White Mushroom House to pop up on the over-world map.

Not only will this help make it to the boss room with ease, it could also render Bowser powerless. To do so, simply fly up to the left corner of the boss room, which will lead into an identical room on the other side of the wall. Even a moment's hesitation could result in losing a life to this sticky stuff.

But if you can resist the urge and let the quicksand take you under at the beginning of Worldthe "trap" will actually pull the player down into a secret room. This hidden area is not only overflowing with free coins, but it also allows you to skip a good chunk of what is otherwise an annoying level.

Much like the White Mushroom Houses, the Treasure Ships are another bonus level that many players may have stumbled upon to by happenstance. The level consists of an enemy-less airship that is overflowing with coins.

mario bros 3 secrets

However, the player is required to defeat two Boomerang Brothers below deck before completion. To unlock this hidden level, the player has to meet specific criteria.

These include finishing a level with the coin count being a multiple of 11, having the time clock end in the same number, and making sure a wandering Hammer Bros. If it doesn't sound worth the coinage to you, we'd probably have to agree. Not only does this tip lead to one of the biggest shortcuts in the game, but it also makes sense when you consider that all of Super Mario Bros.

This secret area is accessible through World To get there, all the player needs to do is crouch on the white block in the level and make it to the end without getting hit by an enemy. Doing so will take the player to a hidden house where Toad rewards them with this special item.

Therefore, it may come in handy to find out that there is another Hammer Bros. To access them, you need to obtain the Hammer and head to the upper right corner of the over-world map. From there, you can break the large rock and slide the map further over to the right. From here, you can grab another Warp Whistle and random item before heading on to World 3. One of the biggest level shortcuts in the game comes at the beginning of World 7, where the player can effectively bypass every obstacle.

The level opens with Mario facing three pipes and a doorway — the latter of which acts as an entryway to the rest of the stage.There are so many classic games in the Mario canon that very few can be short listed as being a viable candidate for the best game in the series.

Super Mario Bros. Out of all the 2D Mario games, it arguably has the best level design and pacing, taking place across eight distinct worlds with different themes, power-ups, and enemies to contend with.

Not only was it lauded by critics upon release, it became a fan favorite and one of those games that people return to again and again. Holding a special place in gamers hearts, everyone has a favorite world, level, enemy to stomp and power up to utilize.

This fan adoration and critical acclaim is mirrored in the tens of millions of copies of the game sold worldwide, as well as its multiple re-releases on platforms such as the Super Nintendo, Game Boy Advance, 3DS, and Wii U. One of the things that players love the most about this title is the amount of little Easter eggs and secrets that are contained within it.

Every world has a shortcut within it, there are hidden passages within a litany of levels, and random mini-games scattered throughout the game give you new power-ups and bonuses. That being said, even the most ardent Mario player would be unlikely to have discovered everything within the game.

The number of layers and somewhat random nature of events within the game mean that many of these things would have been missed. Here, we are going to look at some of those hidden secrets! One of the most common fan theories about Super Mario Bros 3 is that the entire game is just a play. Meaning that the levels, worlds, enemies, and power-ups merely stages and props for the protagonist Mario, his brother Luigi, and their cast of friends and enemies to use.

This feature, which is easy to miss, backs up this idea. If you stand on a white block and hold down, you will "disappear" behind the scenery. Way to break the fourth wall, Mario! Given that the spikes in difficulty have waned over the years, this relatively old 2D Mario game is certainly no exception to this rule.

So, if you're too impatient to trudge through all the levels in all eight worlds, why wait! The warp whistle allows you to forego much of the game and warp your way straight to the final stage! There are many mushroom houses scattered throughout the game in plain sight and are, therefore, practically impossible to miss. These "levels" give respite to players, while also providing them with extra lives and power-ups which can help ease their journey as well as help them survive it.

Lesser known are the white mushroom houses, which can only be accessed by getting enough coins in specific levels. These houses can give you rare, special items such as p-wings and anchors.

The second level in the final world of the game is a tricky one. It requires Mario to take on a fleet of Bowser boats, a challenging proposition for sure. If you simply swim underneath the boats, you can avoid your formidable enemies and their weapons and float your way to the end of the stage. You still have to face the boss on the final boat to complete the level though. The airship battles are some of the most iconic not only in the game, but in the entire series.


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