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Music blogspot rar

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music blogspot rar

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music blogspot rar

Etiquetas: FokisOh No. Etiquetas: Kyo ItachiSkanks. Etiquetas: BluDamu The Fudgemunk. Etiquetas: Recognize Ali. Etiquetas: Little Brother.Good evening.

Here's what's happening in the world of outsider music. The other book is supposedly the one that inspired the film. Still not enough? Dig the documentary DVD.

They better include him on the soundtrack album. The album cover pics are priceless, and the mixes and vinyl rips are hours of good bad listening. From all of us here at M4M news, thanks for watching. Good night! The result is sharp music shot thru with hilarious strangeness. I've already listened to this one 3 times. Pass the purple drank, please.?

Labels: BandcampElectronicaOutsider. It's the slight return of Zoogz Toozday! Like a cross between cartoon soundtracks and free jazz, side 1 of this cassette-only release is a sprawling smorgasbord of countless samples and snippets of prior Rift releases mixed into a 44 minute sound-collage.

Hear the album Trouser Press called: "patience-defying"! Casios, Chipmunk voices, backwards voices, video-game-like bloops 'n' bleeps, some things resembling actual rock music, and what sounds like 5 records playing at the same time Fun stuff! Side 2 is a found tape Zoogz claims was rescued from a garbage bin.

It's a side of a polite jazzy group apparently called the Transients covering Beatles and some fairly obscure solo Beatle songs.

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That story might be more believable if the voices weren't so obviously sped-up. And then there's their, er, "cover" of "Revolution No. And who knows, maybe they did. Zoogz Rift: " Son of Puke " - in 2 files, Side 1 and 2, just like a real tape.Hi Guys!!! Jon B. Cool Relax Courtesy of Wht Chocolate Throwbacks of the 80's Michel'le Michel'le Stevie B. Party Your Body courtesy of JJ Do you have an album you want to contribute, a question, or just want to write to us for whatever reasons, then feel free to email us Leave a message Throwbacks of the 90's.

Still In The Game Welcome To Fantasy Island Ways To Grow Men At Large X Marks The Spot Tony Terry Throwbacks of the 80's. Perfect Combination Hotter Than July More Good Music!!!!

Chocolate Mood Inside Of You Courtesy of AFC Wimbledon Courtesy of Wht Chocolate Rise Free Never Let You Go It's a Natural Thang Sweetest Days Nothing Matters Without Love Circumstantial Evidence Sorry for bad pic.Sunday, 22 March The Jackal Remastered. Many of you may have noticed on the right hand side of the blog is a Memorial to someone many of us knew as The Jackal. The last time I posted his rips was back in and until recently no one had ever asked for any of his Edits before.

But a recent comment asked why were their none of his edits on the blog? Well back at the beginning of last year I started to remaster all of his edits that I have, unfortunately these take a lot of time and I only managed to do seven.

This year I have managed to do three more so I have posted those ten here. I am hoping I can finish all of his back catalogue off over the next couple of years, hopefully before the tenth anniversary of his passing.

So here we are and it has been eight years already since The Jackal left us and with the world in the turmoil it is now he's one of the lucky ones. Hopefully I have mastered them to your satisfaction and you will leave some kind comments. We still miss The Jackal and hopefully he is up in heaven still loving his music and treating all those up there to some of his excellent edits.

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On my recent holiday I went into a local charity shop and had a look through the vinyl, among all the usual dross was this LP by Patrick Norman. So always have a look in charity stores you never know what you might unearth.

I have removed as many of the nasty stuff as I can so not to destroy the music. Hopefully you will find it as much fun as I did. Well I bring you another 24 amazing tunes that were too Short and need extending by someone brave enough, is that you? Considering the Album was originally released inhere in the UK had to wait until to get the edited version of 'Christmas Medley'.

The King's Music Blog

For some bizarre reason it was now called 'Christmas Time' which was a track on the original album, but this is not that track. If you would like me to upload the original album then leave a comment and I will do my best to accommodate you.

Another amazing collection of tunes that were far too short and need extending. I originally ripped this album back in and it still sounds pretty amazing to me, but I have re-ripped the UK only 12 inch version of 'You've Got Something For Me' which has only ever appeared on this 12 inch single. The B side is the rare extended version of Music Fever which originally appeared in a shortened version on the French only version of the Bombers Second Album.

Volume 4 and some more amazing short Disco tracks that needed that extending feeling! SWEET 4. Disco Fantasy - Thomas 'Coke' Escovedo. Hold Me - Michele White. You Can Win - Bileo. We're Still Together - O. Sweet Sweet Lovin' - Dee Dee. Please Don't Leave - Lauren Wood.

Ladies Choice - Jesus Wayne. Volume 3 will be next month. All the tracks on this compilation are 7 Inch single versions that never had a 12 Inch version created for it, which is a shame as many finish much too early. It's hard to believe this film is over 40 years old now, but I think this is one of the best tracks from the Soundtrack album.GoodFlower April 10, Read More. Pop Rock. Simple Minds. Leon April 9, John Mayall and John Hammond, Jr.

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The Knack. Ben WebsterGerry Mulligan. Progressive Rock. LMA April 7, The Monkees first official live album, recorded live in March The Monkees. Leon April 4, Blues Rock. Paul Gilbert. Folk Rock.

Bob Dylan. Leon April 3, Anyone expecting a fantasy or heavy metal album was due for a disappointment, however, for most of the songs that have any identifiable references are about topical politics more than anything else. Jethro Tull.

music blogspot rar

Ellington was a natural choice to convey the rich and varied emotional moods of this drama. JazzSoundtrack. Duke Ellington. In earlyBing Crosby ended the two long-term company affiliations that had defined his career for more than 20 years, leaving his exclusive associations with Paramount Pictures and Decca Records. Thereafter, he made movies and records on a freelance basis.Donation By making a donation besides contributing the blog you will be helping me to improve the blog more and more.

Human League. Release: Enviar por e-mail BlogThis! Dare Release: Travelogue Release: Reproduction Release: Dolly Dots.

The King's Music Blog

We Love You Release: American Dream Release: Dolly Dots Release: Aaron Carter. Another Earthquake! Oh Aaron Release: Missy Elliott. Miss E So Addictive. Bitrate: Kbps. Format: Mp3. Da Real World. Supa Dupa Fly. Tori Amos.

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Strange Little Girls. Leonard Cohen. I'm Your Man Release: Posted by Viacomclosedmedown on youtube at PM 4 comments:. Labels: CompilationWorld. Posted by Viacomclosedmedown on youtube at AM 4 comments:. Labels: U. Posted by Viacomclosedmedown on youtube at AM 1 comment:. Posted by Viacomclosedmedown on youtube at AM No comments:.


Labels: Sweden. Posted by Viacomclosedmedown on youtube at AM 3 comments:. Labels: Germany. Labels: Australia. Labels: CompilationU. One LP Posted by Viacomclosedmedown on youtube at PM 1 comment:.

music blogspot rar

Labels: CompilationLiveU. Posted by Viacomclosedmedown on youtube at PM 2 comments:. Labels: LiveU. Posted by Viacomclosedmedown on youtube at PM No comments:. Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Long live Rozz Williams in book and song. The D. Followers of the Blog. Please support mercola. Visit our sponsor click on card. Great contributors are what makes this blog special Thanx To Them!! I recommend the following safe and trusted application. Have Fun :. Am I Mean? Bobby Brown's Blog!

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